Author Guidelines | AMERTA Amerta

Author Guidelines

These instructions give you guidelines for preparing papers for AMERTA.


The manuscripts should be typed in A4 (210mm x 297mm), with Times New Roman font 11pt and 1.5 line-spaced, except for abstract. The left and bottom margins are while upper and right margins are 2,5 cm. The number of pages is 15-20 pages with the number of pages of tables, pictures or graphics, photographs, and attachment not exceeding 20% of the total number of manuscript pages. Author(s) are encouraged to use the Amerta template. A sample template is provided in Bahasa Indonesia and English. It can also be seen at the sidebar of this website.


A manuscript can be written using Indonesian or English language. To ensure an anonymous review, the authors should not identify themselves directly or indirectly in their manuscript. Manuscript in English that written by author(s) who English is not their native language are encouraged to have their manuscript checked before submission to reduce the grammatical errors and clarity.

Article Title

Article title should reflect the point of the article, typed with capital letters, bold, center alignment, Times New Roman 14pt.

Author(s) Information

The full name of each author, the affiliation of each author at the time the research was completed and the address for each author including the full postal address and email addresses.


Abstract is typed with Times New Roman 11pt, single space, line spacing before 0pt and after 0pt, justify, with line indent left 3cm and right 2.5cm. Abstract length is about 150-250 words, giving a summary of the content, reason of research, review study, and the methodology; and a brief statement about the research and its result and prospect. Abstract written in one paragraph, not in mathematical form, question, or conjecture. Written continuously without references, quotations, abbreviations, and be independent. Do not include any pictures, tables, elaborate equations nor references in the abstract.


Author(s) should select between three to five keywords that are specific and reflect what is essential about the article. Keywords should be provided after the abstract.

Main Article

Main article should contain text, in sequence of introduction, method, result and discussion, and conclusion.


The figure displayed in a manuscript can be in the form of illustrations, sketches, photographs, charts, graphs, diagrams, and maps. Figure title is placed at the bottom of the image, in the center, and is written using Times New Roman 9pt. All figures are numbered according to the information in the text using Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3, 4, etc) also attach the figure’s source. Always use illustrations or images of the highest quality (minimum 800x600 pixel).


Tables must have a title and can be understood without having to read the manuscript. Each table column must have a heading. The title of the table is placed at the top of the table, aligned (not center), and is written using font Times New Roman 10pt. All tables are numbered according to the information in the text using arabic numerals.


The citation method is written based on the Chicago Writing Style. The author(s) are required to use Mendeley in writing the citation and list of references. Reference referred to at least 10 references with the provisions of 80% primary references and 20% secondary references. Primary references include scientific journals (accredited or not accredited), proceedings, published research reports, theses, dissertation, major references textbook, and constitution. Secondary references include unpublish research reports, textbooks, newspaper articles, electronic media, official websites. Archaeology is categorized as a particular science that is inseparable from the result of previous studies so the references are is not limited by years. The order in the bibliography is written alphabetically, using Times New Roman font, size font 11 pt with space 1. The references contained in the manuscript must be included in the bibliography at the end of the manuscript.

Author(s) Biography

Biographies of each authors within 150 words should include educational background, research field, and published papers and patents, etc.. Please submit the biographies as a separate file.