Prasasti Batu Tulis Bogor

  • Hasan Djafar


This article presents results of reading and transliteration of the Batutuilis incription, which is a very important remain from the Kingdom of Sunda at the period when its capital was in Pakuan-Pajajaran. The existing results of readings and transliterations are still unsastifactory. Some parts of the incription have not able to be read clearly so that there are various different interpretations. It can cause uncertainty in its historical explanation. Such condition is mainly due to some paleographical problems.

In this article will be presented the transliteration of new reading on the Batutulis inscription, including the various problems regarding it, particularly paleographic forms. It is hoped that this new reading will give a more actual depiction like what were written on the inscriptionand that were meant by the figure who issued it.
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